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Super splash fun with Pinypon Aqua Park Adventures – review

Disclosure: The lovely folks at Famosa and KidStuff PR sent a complimentary Pinypon Aqua Park Adventures set for the purposes of a comprehensive review. No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

Home on Deranged - Toy Review: Pinypon Aqua Park AdventuresSpring is here, which means summer isn’t far behind, with tons of time in the pool and lots of water fun. My kids have already gotten a head start on it with the Famosa brand Pinypon Aqua Park Adventures set, which I must admit, is pretty darn cool for some three inch girls.

You might remember our review of the Pinypon Ski Lodge as part of our Holiday Gift Guide last Christmas. The girls fell in love with the Pinypon world, especially the dolls. You see, you can interchange their clothes, their hair, their midsections. It was the ultimate for little toddler hands, who love to give their dolls the once over.

So as we moved into spring and summer, the girls were ready for a seasonal change, and when we were offered the chance to review the Aqua Park Adventures set, we took it, and we were not disappointed in the least, as you can see the sheer joy from the slide, before we even got the water in it!

The amazing thing about the Pinypon world is how much attention to detail there is with each toy. The little dolls all have separate and distinct features; each part of the Aqua Park has special stickers that enhance the experience; the small accessories remind you what it’s like at the beach – towel, lounge chair, tiny sodas, slices of watermelon and more.

The girls – as always – were fascinated watching their father put the set together, offering a helping hand where able. Be advised: the Pinypon world is full of lots of very small pieces that can easily be swallowed, lost in the carpet or even crushed, if you’re notHome on Deranged - Toy Review: Pinypon Aqua Park Adventures careful. Our girls might have an easy touch, but tiny is tiny.

The Pinypon Aqua Park Adventures set includes the large slide, which comes with a very small bucket. You put water in it, let it pour down the slide, straight into the lazy river. There you find five floating tubes for the Pinypon friends to enjoy their day, and just to the left is a small umbrella, and when you twist it, waves are made. Annie loved this part, as she kept spinning and spinning it over and over.

There’s a snack bar, complete with lots of fun treats (again, small parts), and finally, a jacuzzi. With a pump action button, the jacuzzi magically creates bubbles, which not delighted our girls, but also caused them to compare it to our jacuzzi tub. Love when a toy creates a learning connection in their minds!

As expected, our girls fell in love with the set, just like they did with the Ski Lodge. Their memories did not fail them, as they instantly remembered how to change out the dolls and their hair and outfits. One note: the Ski Lodge set came with four different dolls, but the Aqua Park Adventures set only came with one. You’ll likely want to add some dolls to your collection. See how Annie and Leelou played so nicely together.

Home on Deranged - Toy Review: Pinypon Aqua Park AdventuresEstablished in 1957 by a group of artisan doll makers, Famosa has become a leading European toy company and doll manufacturer based Home on Deranged - Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge review & giveawayin Spain. Pinypon was introduced to the U.S. market in 2012 and little girls everywhere have been smitten with the pint-size doll line, outfits and accessories.

Check out the Pinypon Facebook page for a great giveaway to win your own Aqua Park or other great toys!

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Visit the Pinypon website to see their whole colorful world, and find them on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube for even more fun!

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Melissa Swedoski

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Melissa Swedoski

Melissa Swedoski

Specializing in Family Lifestyle, you'll find me mumbling my way through the mayhem of marriage and motherhood. Other ways to label me? Wife. Toddler Wrangler. Crazy lady. PR Friendly Brand Advocate. Offering insight, advice, product, book, tech, toys, travel & movie reviews and more. Giveaways, too!

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  1. This looks so cute and it makes me wish that I had a girl. I enjoy my son but there are so many cute things for girls and shopping for toddler boys is harder.

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