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Sharing another great (and tasty!) giveaway and review from Jodi at The Noise of Boys. You won’t be disappointed!

Discovering the Beauty, Benefits & Wonders of

Maple Syrup & Raw Honey

from Mohawk Valley Trading Company!

*I was provided with the following products from Mohawk Valley Trading Company: Grade A Dark, Robust Maple Syrup, Raw Tulip Poplar-Black Locust Honey and Raw Goldenrod Honey  facilitate this review. All opinions and experiences are my own. Affiliate links may be present in this post.

Maple Syrup and Raw Honey

How many reviews truly impact your health learning curve? For me, I had just that experience! After all I have been fortunate enough to learn…I will not buy regular commercial Maple syrup or Honey again!

Grade A Dark, Robust Maple Syrup

*note info in blue is direct from Mohawk Valley Trading Company

Growing up on the east coast, having what I believed at the time to be real maple syrup- this opportunity allowed me to discover the “true taste” of 100% pure maple syrup with no additives.

Arriving in a glass bottle,Grade A Dark, Robust Maple Syrup is primarily made from sugar maple sap- this is preferred for maple syrup production because it has an average sugar content of 2%. note: the sap from other maple species is usually lower in sugar content, and about 2X as much is needed to produce the same amount of finished syrup). Grade B, is wonderful for baking and for those who love a maple flavor. ONLY 10% of syrups produced are labeled “Grade B.”

Our thoughts: Sweet and delicious. You will find you may require less of the syrup depending on what you are eating! I shared with my extended family and the children, were quite surprised by the sweetness. The flavor is very rich, unlike commercial syrups you may be used to.

For recipes and information on the history or grades of maple syrup- check out the Mohawk Valley Trading Company website.

Raw Honey

If you are planning to use honey for its health-benefits, it must be raw honey. Heating honey (pasteurization) destroys the all of the pollen, enzymes, propolis, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and aromatics.

Raw Tulip Poplar-Black Locust HoneyFrom about the last week of October (after we harvest the Autumn Wildflower and Buckwheat Honey) thru April some of our hives are trucked to The Delmarva Peninsula to winter over in a milder climate and to get an earlier start in the spring than they would in Upstate NY. Tulip Poplar and Black Locust trees bloom about the same time and this honey is derived form the nectar of their blossoms. Its dark color is due to the high mineral content.

Our thoughts: consistency is almost gritty in texture and thick- this was our favorite! The taste had gentle citrus after-flavor. It has been a favorite for use on breads and tea!

Raw Goldenrod Honey- From mid-late August through October, hives are on both slopes and the surrounding area of the Southern Kuyahoora Valley & Central Mohawk Valley regions of Upstate New York.

Raw goldenrod honey is often used by pollen allergy sufferers to lessen their sensitivity to pollen by eating 1 to 2 tsp. of it each day. The idea is, that by introducing small amounts of pollen into their system by eating raw honey, a tolerance to pollen allergens is built up.

Our thoughts: Mild and thick, this was my sister-n-laws choice to add in to her coffee. a definite, subtle floral-like taste.

Overall we will definitely repurchase! Next, I am looking forward to trying the Raw Orange Blossom or Raw Apple Blossom flavors!

Maple Syrup & Raw Honey Giveaway2

Enter the rafflecopter to win your own Maple Syrup and Raw Honey- Ends 5/12 US only.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sponsor requirements: You must be 18 years or older to enter.The Mohawk Valley Trading Company will ship the prize to the winner within 30 days of contest end. If address is undeliverable or prize is unclaimed and sent back, winner is responsible for re-shipping charges. Physical address required for shipping; no PO boxes, US recipients only residing in one of the 48 contiguous states.

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  1. Alexandra says

    I have been wanting to try the Blueberry Blossom honey for quite some time. Can’t wait until it is back in season!

  2. Deb Jackson says

    I would love to try the pillar beeswax candles.

  3. Kayte CookWatts says

    I learned that maple syrup has lots more calcium -15 times more than honey does. Cool!

  4. says

    I learnded that raw honey gots vitamins and stuff in it, but cooked honey gots stuff in it too but the stuff is dead.

  5. Darlene Owen says

    Another item I like is the Beeswax Candles

  6. Diane Cooper says

    I would also like to try the Handmade Goats Milk Soap.

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